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A different way to make business and profit is possible.   For that reason and full of compassion about nature and all kind of life, we founded a handbags brand with a social and environmental mission.  Be you is a sustainable handbag which is an alternative for our actual fast fashion products. We want to demonstrate that a new different way to make business is possible. 

We need to change the way we make things.  We need to change the way we shop.

There is no planet B.

Be You

"Our designs are full of love and compassion.  Be you, connect with your inner beauty and make a difference". 

Based on our social and enviromental responsibility and looking for an alternative lifestyle living we create Be You handbags. Our handbags are made with ecological materials obtained from pineapple leaves and organic cotton fabrics. The use of sustainable fabrics  contributes in the maximization of our resources.  Be You creations are inspired and created by local Entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico under ethical work conditions with NO animal materials. 

We want to inspire you to make an impact.

You have the power to help, making conscious consumption and supporting ethical and efficient brands.

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